James Hogan
President and CEO, Etihad Airways
  "The Global Aerospace Summit brings stakeholders from the whole range of the aerospace industry together to debate the environment, to discuss the challenges and to understand different opportunities moving forward here in Abu Dhabi. It is certainly an important Summit to be at." 
Andrew Nelson
CEO, Karman Line Industries
  "If you wish to do aerospace business in the GCC, the Global Aerospace Summit is a must-attend event!" 
Colin Mahoney
Senior Vice President, International & Service Solutions, Rockwell Collins
  "It is our third visit to the Summit and versus a typical airshow, we get tremendous value out of this. We are actually sitting down and talking about substantive topics rather than chasing around the latest shiny objects. So we really enjoyed being part of this and sponsoring the Summit. It is value added time for us." 
Clive Richardson
Partner, Access Group
  "This was a superb network of senior aerospace and aviation professionals which was well organised and presented." 
Abdul Wahab Teffaha
Secretary General, Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO)
  "The Summit is probably the only convention which brings together all the stakeholders and from all domains – airlines, airports, air traffic management operators etc. and this is only on the civil aviation side. And on the other hand - the aerospace companies, manufacturers, players and even military. So I think it is almost one of a kind." 
Ribhi Al-Husseini
General Manager, First Premium Support Services
  "An excellent venue to learn about the regional aerospace industry, meet leaders, decision makers, and strategists." 
David Melcher
President & CEO, Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)
  "The Global Aerospace Summit is an important conference for the aerospace and defence industries from around the world. AIA represents the American aerospace and defence industry and coming to the Summit is an important part of what we do to support our member companies and their ambitions for business opportunities in the Middle East." 
Chris Boardman
Managing Director, BAE Systems
  "It is a great event. It brings CEOs and senior leaders from the aerospace industry together to network and talk about the future. BAE Systems is part of the infrastructure in the region and therefore it is important that we support events like this." 
Iain Blackhall
Managing Director, Aviation Week
  "The Global Aerospace Summit here in the UAE is a great platform for the global leaders to get together, discuss and think about the developments, partnerships and the growth in technologies that will work well from now to the future." 
Jayakrishnan Vadakke
Group Chief Procurement Officer, NAS Holding
  "I really enjoyed the Summit, since it was both professionally stimulating and a great networking opportunity with the Aerospace & Aviation experts across the globe. I am eagerly looking forward to the next Global Aerospace Summit." 
Fu Zhiheng
Vice President, China Great Wall Industry Corporation- CGWIC
  "Thanks to the diligent work by the SMG staff, and with the support from the UAE government, the Global Aerospace Summit 2016 was an innovatively planned, well-organized, must-attend event for any enterprise which seek to extend business and explore new opportunities in the aviation and space industries in UAE as well as other GCC nations. We look forward to the next event in 2018!" 
Alan Peaford
Editor-in-Chief, Arabian Aerospace
  "The Aerospace Summit was really good because of the relaxed attitude and opportunities to meet some of the thought leaders in this industry. It was incredible and we had a lot of good discussion not just in the presentations and the conference sessions but also just walking around. It was quite interesting getting caught in conversations and seeing the way the industry is going to move ahead." 
Jean-Louis Rassineux
Managing Director, Accenture
  "The Summit proved to be even better than the former editions. I met many people and appreciated the thought leadership and the inspiring talks." 
Buzz Aldrin
Astronaut, Apollo 11
  "I think the UAE can play a key role in the future of space and the Global Aerospace Summit and those who participate in it shows how serious they are about it. I believe in global cooperation. Now is the time to get the world together working in space. I see only advantages for the US and rest of the world and now is the time to do something about it." 
Mick Maurer
Senior Vice President, Strategic Projects, United Technologies Corporation (UTC)
  "The Global Aerospace Summit was a tremendously valuable event, bringing together captains of industry from all over the world for dialogue, debate and discussion about timely aerospace challenges and trends.  I was truly impressed by the level of attendance and would recommend the event for aerospace leaders who want to engage with other forward-thinking, industry-leading executives in a productive and worthwhile manner." 
Ghaith Al Ghaith
CEO, flydubai
  "The Global Aerospace Summit is an excellent forum for aviation leaders across the world to share ideas and discuss current and future trends." 
Akbar Al Baker
CEO, Qatar Airways
  "The Global Aerospace Summit was a key platform that brought together industry leaders, influencers and stakeholders to discuss core issues facing the aviation business around the world. The highly interactive dialogue that took place was highly valuable as it brought to the forefront the challenges that affect the future of global air travel." 
Shane O'Hare
President and CEO, Royal Jet
  "The Global Aerospace Summit was a success for the industry and the (Abu Dhabi) emirate. We had two days of informed discussions with leading experts from the global aerospace community. The Summit covered a great deal of useful ground on critical issues of air safety, air traffic congestion and airport capacity." 
James Albaugh
CEO Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Boeing
  "The 2012 Global Aerospace Summit was a great forum to explore both the opportunities and the challenges facing our industry today. It is significant that the event drew more than 900 participants in its first year, reflecting the importance of the United Arab Emirates and Middle East region to the aerospace industry. We look forward to future summits." 
Eric Bachelet
Corporate Senior VP, Research & Technology, Safran
  "For its first edition, the Summit did a remarkable job of bringing exceptional speakers, great panelists and attendance to take a high level view of the aerospace industry in a region which is of particular significance for its future. The setting and the organization were very conducive to exchanges. It will become a classic meeting." 
Peter Harbison
Exec. Chairman, CAPA-Centre for Aviation
  "This was a very special event. Quite remarkably high level participation and attendance for a first of kind event, with excellent content.The organisation was superb and I very much hope to be part of the 2014 event." 
Kevin Knight
Chief Planning and Strategy Officer, Etihad Airways
  "The summit successfully brought together high profile leaders from all areas of the global industry. Their broad experience and industry insights made the event a premium platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing. More importantly, the event was successful in showcasing Abu Dhabi’s powerful emergence as an aviation hub and its commitment to establishing a centre of excellence in the UAE capital." 
Danny Sebright
President, US-UAE Business Council
  "The inaugural Global Aerospace Summit clearly established itself as a must-attend industry event and the U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council looks forward to participating in the future. The Global Aerospace Summit gives voice to an important and key region of the world as it plays a growing role in the global aerospace sector. With this summit, the U.A.E. has again positioned itself as a leader in the aerospace sector." 
George Whitesides
CEO & President, Virgin Galactic
  "Year after year, the Global Aerospace Summit has built a reputation as a ‘must-attend’ event for senior executives in the space sector." 
Aengus Kelly
CEO, AerCap
  "The superb organization and the quality of the attendees and debates will ensure that the Global Aerospace Summit Abu Dhabi will be a key fixture on the aviation calendar for years to come." 
Troy Lambeth
CEO, Sanad
  "The event served as a strong endorsement of the importance that the industry is placing on Abu Dhabi and the wider region, as the Emirate develops into a global aerospace hub. We are confident that the broad access to local and industry leadership as well as the open dialogue in facing current and future industry challenges will ensure this event will be successful in the years to come." 
"It brought global expertise and practices on one table."
Dr. AbdulRahman AlSalman
Human Resources Manager, General Authority of Civil Aviation (KSA)
"The summit focused on how the industry innovate and drive change in the global aerospace sector."
Abdallah Romi Al Lataifeh
Safety and Compliance Manager, Horizon International Flight Academy
"I was impressed by the number of very senior experts in aviation and aerospace who spoke at the event. I also found the workshops very useful as they provided a platform to discuss specific issues as well as innovative ideas with the right people."
Rachel Kouyoumdjis
Market Adviser, Enterprise Ireland
"I can't say anything more than excellent summit in every aspect."
Yahya Alghoraibi
President & CEO, Alsalam Aircraft Company
"A must see for anyone in the Global Aerospace industry."
Scott Ritter
President/CEO, Dahlgren Duck & Associates
"One of the leading platforms for executive networking in the industry."
Thomas D. Pellegrin
Director, Aviation Center of Excellence, PwC
"Everything about this conference was first class. Great venue, top notch speakers and compelling topics. This has fast become an obligatory event for A&D industry leaders."
Stephen Perry
Managing Director, Janes Capital Partners
"The multidisciplinary approach of the Global Aerospace Summit panels help incentivize a dynamic discussion of the critical challenges that impact the aerospace industry, which is key to ignite and develop innovative ideas for the future."
Michelle Ancona Reynolds
Senior Legal Specialist, Qatar Airways
"Decision making Global Forum."
Abdullah Al Shamsi
Director, Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects
"One of the best venues for doing business I have attended."
Kim Childs
Managing Partner, O2K Ltd
"This is a very positive, informative event, with an abundance of networking opportunities making it the perfect summit to catch up with old friends and to meet new ones. Simultaneously gaining a deeper and more insightful overview of Global Aerospace environment."
Ronnie Coupland
Senior Client Executive, Dassault
"The Global Aerospace Summit 2016 provided an excellent opportunity for our firm to build relationships of trust with counterparts from around the globe equally committed to finding the proactive solutions which the Gulf region's rapid growth demands."
Andrew Jensen
Associate, A.T. Kearney
"It's one of the best events I've attended in recent years."
Gregory Zoughbi
Chairman of the Board, Nadereen
"Global Aerospace Summit is THE aerospace event, gathering key players and decision makers, shaping the mould of the sector for the future."
Rocco Lagioia
Chief Executive Officer, ITRB Group
"At the global aerospace summit I received top notch insights and held 87 meetings with top decision makers at the right level and interest that will significantly advance my business goals."
Dr. Hajo Drees
Chief Operating Officer, IPM
"Well worth the time, two days of programs that were well structured and very informative."
Steven Hayter
Director/CFO, Rockford Xellerix
"The Global Aerospace Summit was "grand" in appearance ... UAE is great on appearance. However, it was also substantive and the focus was just right."
Carl Williamson
Director, Business Development, Saudi Arabia, Northrop Grumman
"Understanding the industry dynamics is key. The way to do it is to meet, discuss and network with professionals. The Global Aerospace Summit is a corner stone in that process for me!"
Martin Lofgren
EMEA Aerospace Business Director, 3M Aerospace
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