Vincenzo Giorgio

Thales Alenia Space

Vice President, Institutional Marketing & Sales

Graduated in Electronics at Naples University Rederico II, has started his space activity designing communication systems and on board computers.

He has been responsible within former AERITALIA of science projects like Hipparcos and Integral, working as well for the International Space Station.

He has been Vice President for Science and Exploration of Thales Alenia Space Italia participating to important European in flight projects like GOCE, Herschel & Plank and of ongoing projects like: BepiColombo targeting Mercury, Solar Orbiter and Exomars mission for the Robotic Exploration of the red planet.

Since 2004 he is member of ISEC “International Space Exploration Committee”.

He is now Vice President for Institutional Marketing & Sales at Thales Alenia Space Italia and CEO of ATLEC S.p.A.