Vik Kachoria

Spike Aerospace

President and Chief Executive Officer

Vik Kachoria is CEO and President of Spike Aerospace which is designing the world’s first supersonic business jet, the Spike S-512. The low-sonic boom, 18 passenger, Mach 1.6 business jet will offer 50% savings in flight time making flights from UAE to London possible in just 3 hours. Under Mr. Kachoria’s leadership, a team of 40 senior aerospace engineers and a global network of aerospace partners have filed for multiple patents and completed the conceptual design of the S-512. 

Mr Kachoria is a seasoned executive with over 35 years international business experience in corporate development, partnerships, strategic planning, new ventures and mergers & acquisitions with Fortune 50 to early stage ventures. He has been a successful serial entrepreneur, advisor and investor in high growth technology ventures including air taxis, charter flights, sub-orbital rockets, solar power satellites, software and internet applications. 

He is also co-founder of Mass Aerospace Council, a state-level industry organization that promotes aerospace activities in Massachusetts. Prior to Spike Aerospace, Mr. Kachoria was founder and President of AeroSigma, a consulting firm to early stage aerospace ventures. 

Early in his career, he worked at General Electric Aircraft Engines and conducted research at NASA and MIT on the Solar-Terrestrial Magnetosphere. He also designed an early pattern recognition software, built a prototype of a MagLev train in the 80s, contributed to a proposal on asteroid mining and investigated anti-particles/anti-gravity.

Mr. Kachoria has a pilot’s license and is working towards his commercial rating. He studied at MIT Sloan School of Management, has an MBA along with a BA in Physics and Mathematics.