Thibaut Trancart


Country Director UAE

Thibaut Trancart graduated from the Superior Institute of Industrial Managing (France, Lille) and from the E.S.C. Business School (France, Lille). He also holds a certificate in Industrial Business from the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark, Copenhagen). Thibaut Trancart began his career holding management position within Thales Training & Simulation. He was in charge, during two years, of sales for some European countries (Belgium, Netherland, Switzerland). Then, he handled exportations toward Northern Europe, Latin America and Russia. 

In 2006 he was appointed Sales & Marketing Director of Thales Training & Simulation. He stayed at this position until 2010. 

In 2010 he was appointed Country Director for Thales Group in Libya. He administrated Thales representation in this country until the uprising & the UN Operation Harmattan. After this difficult and changing time for Libya, he carried on successfully the political transition & the reposition of Thales Group with the new Libyan Authorities. 

After one year at Tripoli, he has been appointed Country Director for the United Arab Emirates. Since then, he has been in charge to represent Thales Group toward Emirates authorities; to manage & administrate the different local structures, entities & people in the UAE. Thibaut Trancart is married and has 4 children.