Reem Al Saffar

Dubai Airports

Senior Officer - Compliance & Safeguarding

Reem has a bachelor’s degree in e-commerce from the higher colleges of technology, a Golden Diploma in Global Safety Network (Programme consists of six specialized courses on airport safety)from Airports Council International (ACI), and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in International Business.

Reem joined Dubai Airports as a “Masaar” graduate trainee; she then worked as an Airside Compliance Officer, and progressed through the ranks as a Senior Compliance & Safeguarding officer.

Over the years she has become a subject matter expert in National and International legislations, Aerodrome Safeguarding, Airfield systems, and Wildlife hazard management plan.

At present her main responsibility is to ensure that all entities related to Airside operations , are in compliance with the internal policies and procedures laid out to ensure the highest standards of safety are met at all times.

Other responsibilities include delivering the Aerodrome Manual, Standard Operating Procedures, signing off all requests for Airside safeguarding relating to SP2020, and act as the departments lead on Airfield systems.

Once completing her Masters Reem aspires to obtain her Private Pilot’s License.