Rahul Shah

Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, AAR Corporation

Senior Vice President, Strategic Growth and Business Development

Rahul Shah joined AAR in 1991 as a Development Engineer for AAR Engine Companent Service in New York and Connecticut. He then rose to the rank of Program Manager, with responsibilities for sales and marketing activities of the company’s engine component repair business. Shah became Vice President for Sales and Marketing for AAR’s Asia Pacific Region in 2002, and the business grew seven-fold under his leadership. Mr. Shah has now focused his attention on growing AAR’s presence in Africa, India and the Middle East. Currently, as Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Mr. Shah manages operations, sales and marketing efforts in the region.

Shah is an accomplished executive leader with extensive expertise in startup operation and managing businesses,strategic planning and process improvement, combined with business development leadership in the global aviation, aerospace and defense, combine further with advaneed business acumen with strong engineering education.

Strengths include:

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy development
  • New Market/Business development and developing strong AAR brand
  • Developing partnerships,Joint Ventures and acquisitions
  • Very strong International business acumen
  • Building team,staff recruitment and developments
  • Developing extensive network and strategic communications

Shah earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. He is also certified in Business, Finance and Marketing, which he applies as he develops strategic programs to meet the needs of AAR’s customers around the world.