Maher Ezzeddine

Aerospace Alumni Group

CEO of Ideanco and President of Harvard Business School

Maher Ezzeddine is the Chief Executive Director of Ideanco, a strategy consultancy firm based in Abu Dhabi, New York, Beirut, Paris and Calgary with representative offices in over 30 countries. Ideanco is a disruptive idea innovator with a very innovative business model and over 9,000 people focusing on providing strategy consultancy targeting both private and public sectors with special highlight on aerospace and renewable energy. Maher who is Harvard Business School Alumni, has been involved in consulting aerospace and satellites projects for over a decade, which has evolved his exploration and exploitation way of thinking from regional to a global level. One of the elite projects that he is currently exploiting with few elite members of the team is the Google Lunar Xprize Team Anglicvm, working closely with the team to launch a rover to the Moon late 2017.

Maher is also the President of Harvard Business School Aerospace Alumni Group, a global not-for-profit association focusing on Aerospace. With its head office in Washington DC, this aerospace association with a very innovative platform is also operational in Paris, Abu Dhabi and soon in Singapore catering its services towards aviation, defense, security and space exploration. Maher has been instrumental in kick-starting the first credited course of its kind in collaboration with a prominent university in the region, the American University of Beirut (AUB) concentrating on designing shelters and colonies for the “Red Planet” Mars. “Mars Studio” is the first and the most innovative recurring credited course made for AUB architecture students at the Department of Architecture and Design, who acquires the potential to turn ideas into inventions and to take the initiative to make Mars a habitable planet for mankind.