Dr. Mauricio Guerrero


Team Leader

Mauricio is a 6 time Grammy Award winning producer/engineer. A Chilean native who moved to Los Angeles, California in 1988, he’s been involved in countless music productions including Phil Collins, Beyoncé, Shakira, Gloria Estefan and Plácido Domingo among others. In 2012, Mauricio was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree by the prestigious Shepherd University in Los Angeles, California. Currently, he is the head of the Production and Recording Arts Department at said University.

As CEO of the AngelicvM Aerospace Foundation, he leads a team of professionals, including scientists and engineers, pushing the boundaries to achieve affordable access to space. AAF’s boldest project pursues to land a small 5 kg lunar rover in the context of the international competition Google Lunar XPRIZE.

Based on his spiritual beliefs and convictions, Mauricio wants to leave a legacy of faith, hope, peace, and unity to the coming generations, which will be epitomized with a music video broadcasted from the surface of the moon.