Ben Droste


Founding Partner

Ben Droste’s (1944) career is dominated by aviation and later by space as well. Firstly by   his 38 year service in the Royal Netherlands Air Force as fighter pilot with 4000 hrs in his logbook and through a multitude of leadership functions. He retired in March 2000 as Lieutenant General and Commander in Chief. His follow on appointment as Chairman of the Netherlands Agency for Aerospace Programs (NIVR) widened his experience from aeronautics to space related matters. This experience was further enhanced by his simultaneous tenure for four years as Dean of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the Delft University of Technology. All of his experiences, whether in the operational or policy field and always in an international arena, are pillars in Ben Droste’s present life. He was founding partner of   Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) in 2008. SXC became  launching customer of the XCOR Lynx space vehicle in 2011 and successfully started selling Lynx space flights ( more than 350 today). In 2014 SXC was acquired by XCOR. Ben is a strategic advisor to XCOR. He also chairs the  XCOR Advisory Board.