Advisory Board


Laila Ali bin Hareb Al Meheiri

General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)

Asst. Director General Strategy & International Affairs

Laila Hareb, Assistant Director General, is a game changer in the local and regional aviation strategies. She joined the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) in September 2009 to lead its Strategic Planning and Corporate Excellence Department. In little over two years since she began her work at the GCAA, it has been awarded the prestigious Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program (SKGEP) award in recognition of its best practices in the areas of Strategic Planning and Performance Management systems. In addition to this, it was also recognized as the government entity for the most improved performance.

Laila Hareb is a corporate strategist with vast experience in developing and implementing strategic direction for major organizations in public sector. The first Arab lady to hold a vital strategic position in the MENA region. Her areas of expertise is expanded in variety of management sectors such as Strategic Planning, organizational development, corporate performance functions, quality & excellence and stake holder relationship management. Her previous experiences and achievements include developing a three year Corporate Strategy Plan and Balanced Score Card, development and implementation of CRM strategy for national transportation where as the Director-Strategy and Corporate Performance, she was instrumental in establishing performance standards as well as strategic and planning excellence in the organization. Ms. Hareb undertook major restructuring projects for various organizations. She undertook project management such as UAE Aviation Fees and Charging Restructuring. She also brings a wealth of experience in the areas of Information Technology, Training, Corporate Marketing and communication.

She initiated and personally managed training programs for aviation personnel in different continents, notably training for ladies in aviation. In the midst of her busy schedule, Laila would still take the time to leave a very personal mark on people around her. She is a motivational speaker who presents to audiences on the topics of inspiration, motivation, change, and overcoming hardships. The stories she shares with her audience are authentic and genuine life changing events that she has survived. Striking a balance between the responsibilities of a single parent for three, and the demands of a dynamic aviation industry was her biggest challenges, yet her major success. She has been described as a dynamic and innovative speaker that never fails to provoke, excite andenergise. Laila is passionate about people releasing their potential and reaching the peak of their capacities. She communicates with great passion and conviction and is skilled in building audience bond and engagement.